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About The Horizon Factory

The Horizon Factory is building a better model. An ad-free, coding-free, creatively free model.

Our platform lets you take all of your content - words, images, videos, music, social media, and nearly any other kind of media - and bring it all together to create your own mobile and tablet app. Pick from our templates or customize your own menus, controls, buttons, and branding. Add special features such as scripts, director’s commentary, behind-the-scenes galleries, alternate endings, and more. Then send it off to the app stores of your choosing. All in under a day - no coding required.

Making money is simple too. Want to sell the whole thing as a single download? No problem. Maybe your app should be a monthly subscription with new content every week? Easy. In-app purchases? Done.

It’s your content. It’s your audience. It should be your app.

Features: What Serves Your Story Best?

Some stories are best told through one medium; others become richer the more you add. The Horizon Factory allows you to build your app using any combination of media and to attach an unlimited number of special-features to any piece of content.

Adaptive HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) ensures your audience sees your video in the best possible quality for their streaming connection.

Integrate social media from your accounts, your audience, or your characters. Pull in or send out social media content right from within the app.

Native epub functionality means that adding text and ebook content to your app is easy.

Image chapters can support everything from single-frame story elements to behind-the-scenes photo galleries to full-blown graphic novels.

Songs, narration and ambient music provide primary content or background atmosphere for your story.

Robust analytics make sure you have the data you need to make informed content and audience decisions.

Need more flexibility? The Horizon Factory allows for fully customized HTML5 chapters, letting you create custom content, interfaces, interactions, games, and more - if you can do it in HTML5, you can drop it in to your app.

Devices: Your App, Wherever Your Audience Is

The Horizon Factory lets you build your app once, then publish to multiple app marketplaces - tablets, phones - and soon, SmartTVs. As we expand our list of available platforms, you’ll be able to generate a new app for those platforms with the push of a button.


Build an app for your Youtube channel that lets your fans get early access or more content.

Offer up a monthly subscription to your podcast.

Why wait for an album? Release new music and videos straight to your app whenever you’re ready. (Don’t forget to add links to your tickets and merch stores!)

Release a full season of your webseries, with behind-the-scenes materials, creator commentary, scripts, and anything else you can think of.

Webcomics look fantastic in our framework, and why not add a blog post or concept sketches for each new chapter while you’re at it - it’s just three clicks away.

Maybe your ebook could use some crime scene photos. Or phone calls. Or maps. Or videos…

Or make something entirely new - something that uses all of the above…

People: Who is The Horizon Factory?

Barrett Garese, CEO - Founding agent of United Talent Agency’s online division and former Director of Content Partnerships at (sold to Maker Studios)

Jay Bushman, Chief Creative Officer - Two-time Emmy-winning Transmedia Producer and founder of Transmedia LA (now, StoryForward LA)

David Nett, Chief Product Officer - 18 years web/application product management and UX design leadership at such companies as, Interthinx, and Defy Media

Let's do this.

The Horizon Factory is in closed beta!
Over the coming weeks, we'll be selecting a new group of creators to build the next wave of THF-powered applications.

If you're interested in creating an app for your project (or just want to ask some questions or say "hi"), use the form below to contact us. We’re friendly.



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